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Models courtesy of The Identity Agency, Traverse City, MI

2009 National Cherry Festival's
Hagerty Family Car Show

July 5, 2009,
Traverse City, Michigan, USA


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Lots of photos of beautiful classic cars.

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By Jim Wilk and Bruce W. Maki




This R8 Audi belongs to Mike Fisher of Northern Stainless Fabricating Inc.

Mike also owns a 1959 Bocar XP5. BodyShopZone wrote about repainting that Bocar a while back.


1972 Olds Cutlass:



Angie has owned this 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass W31 for twelve years and did most of the restoration work herself, especially the sanding and paint stripping.


1989 Ford Probe:

This 1989 Ford Probe GT was featured in the 2008 Hagerty Car Show.

Adam gave the Ford Probe a complete makeover during the winter. Click here for Adam's website.


Borton Family Classic Cars:

Karen Borton and daughter. Some collectors take breast cancer seriously: The Borton's support the charity Breast Cancer Awareness For Life.



This 1946 Chevy Coupe belongs to the Borton family... but this Dad's pride and joy.


1975 Chevy Van:


This 1975 Chevy Van is a memory of a great era. It reminds us of the Scooby Doo-mobile.

Owner: Greg Walton of audio specialists The Sound Room, Traverse City, Michigan.


Dodge Viper:



Assorted Classic Vehicles:

They put the Cobras at the front corner of the Hagerty building.


This year they put some show vehicles on Union Street and moved the flea market closer to the bay.


There Were Motorcycles:


Ford Comet:


1955 Porsche 356 Speedster...




Police were here for security.


There were boats and tractors...



This is Eleanor, a Shelby Mustang GT 500 from the 2000 remake of the movie Gone in Sixty Seconds. This car is number fourteen of eighteen 1967 Mustangs custom-built by G-Tech Cars & Engineering of Greenville, Michigan. These aren't restored old cars... they are newly-built according to original factory specifications.



An Old Ford Ranchero:


What's a car show without the (junior) judges...


1931 Buick 54 Roadster:

According to the owner Ray Donley, there were only 907 of these cars built, and they sold for $1,035 back then. Ray is a retired machinist and took six years to restore this classic car.


The wood spokes on the wheels are made from hickory. They were also available in steel wire wheels.



The Police went to The Identity Agency and persuaded some of the models to visit the show.


The University of Michigan Solar Car Team was honored this year.


Traverse City's Alfa Romeo Bat 11 was present.



The Marine Corp's new combat-ready vehicle.


Before I forget... there was also an air show happening at the same time.

During next year's (2010) National Cherry Festival the Blue Angels are expected to be flying the same day as the Hagerty Car Show.


This 1955 Chevy 2-10 came from Florida...




Some guys get all the girls...

Otto Belovich, owner of local car dealerships Traverse Motors

and Cherry Capital Cadillac/Subaru.


And the winners are...

Click here for a list of winners of the National Cherry Festival Hagerty Family Car Show.


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