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Keeping A Vinyl Roof Fresh:

Restoring A Vinyl Convertible Top

The roof on a convertible needs some simple treatment to keep if flexible and free of cracks.


Basic Rust-Proofing:

Undercoating A Car

This car had lived in the desert of Arizona, so when the owner brought it back to Michigan, she wanted to preserve the perfect un-rusted underbody by having undercoating applied.


Professional Collision Repairs:

Fixing A Jeep Wrangler After A Rollover Accident.

While partaking in some off-road 4-wheeling adventure, this Jeep found itself upside down and bent-up. Our friends brought the wrecked Wrangler from the salvage yard and we fixed 'er up.

Collision repair on a Jeep Wrangler.
Collision repair on a 2005 Chevy Equinox.

Professional Collision Repairs:

Fixing Side-Impact Collision Damage On A 2005 Chevy Equinox

This car was so badly damaged that the insurance company "totaled it". But a local man bought the repairable wrecked car and asked us to fix the body while he repaired the interior and other details.


Classic Car Restoration:
1949 Cadillac

After 60 Years This Classic Car Needed New Paint

Restore an old Cadillac.

Fiberglass Sports Car Restoration:

Repainting A 1959 Bocar XP5

One of these very rare cars was featured in the Elvis Presley movie Viva Las Vegas. We had the privilege of restoring number 21.


Pro Technique:
Repairing The Plastic Bumper Cover
On A 2004 Mercedes Benz ML320

Import Parts Are Expensive: See how body shop professionals can fix cracked plastic body panels instead of replacing them.


Fixing A Sagging Car Door:
Replacing Hinge Pins On A 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

The car door sagged so badly that the sheet metal around the latch actually split. We fixed the sag with new hinge pins and bushings, and then did a quick patch job on the ripped sheet metal.


Roadkill Impact:

Fixing Damage From A Car-Deer Accident

Parts are replaced and the inner structure is pulled straight. Air conditioning service is required due to front-end damage.


Pro Technique:
Repairing Collision Damage On A
2006 Jeep Wrangler

After The Wreck: See how body shop professionals use a frame-straightening machine to pull the bent metal back into place. View the dying art of metal shrinking.

Shrinking stretched metal with a torch.
Spray painting auto parts.

Pro Technique:
Spray Painting Car Parts

Sometimes it's easier to paint parts when they've been removed from the vehicle. Follow along as Bob Mapes paints parts from our '57 Willy's Jeep.


Short Bus Special:
Converting An Old School Bus To A Commercial Tour Bus

A local nurse bought a used school bus and decided to launch her own side business giving tours of Northern Michigan wineries and ski areas. See how we fixed up the body and repainted the bus a cherry red color.


Pro Technique:
Restoring A 1957 Willy's Jeep

Behind The Scenes: See how body shop professionals take apart a WWII-era Army-style Jeep and make it new again.

1957 Willys Jeep restoration project.

Stubborn Tailgate:
Lubricating A Stuck Jeep Wrangler Tailgate

Just spraying penetrating oil is sometimes not enough to free up seized hinge pins.


Serious 4x4 Truck:
Installing A Custom Bumper

Making a bad truck badder with a heavy-duty bumper and winch. 


Pro Technique: Fixing A Long Dent In A Truck Door

Behind The Scenes: See how body shop professionals fix the dents after a minor fender-bender.  


Pro Technique: Repairing Dents With A Stud Welder

Behind The Scenes: See how body shop professionals fix the dents after a big crash. 


Lights Out:
Replacing Burned-out Tail Light Bulbs


Replacing Headlight Bulbs:

'00 Chevy Cavalier...
'07 Chevy Cobalt...
'94 - '04 Chevy Blazer / GMC Jimmy / S10 / Sonoma...
'08 Chevy Trailblazer...
'02 Dodge Grand Caravan...
'06 GMC Envoy...
'04 GMC Sierra...
'06 Kia Sedona...
'06 Ford F150...
'98 Olds Silhouette / Chevy Venture / Pontiac Trans Sport Minivans...
'04 Mercedes ML320...
'05 Volvo XC90...


Fender-Bender Repair:

Replacing A Dented Fender...


Scratched Car:
Buffing Out Scratches

See how scratches and scuff marks can be removed with a variable-speed buffer and quality buffing compounds.


Show Cars:
The 2009 National Cherry Festival
Hagerty Family Car Show

Hey, it was in our neighborhood, so we took some pictures...

Hagerty Insurance Family Car Show.

Last Year's Show Cars:
The 2008 National Cherry Festival
Hagerty Family Car Show


Toyota Tundra Tailgate Troubles

Why does it take an engineer from General Motors to illuminate a serious quality problem with "legendary" Toyota?

Removing Car Door Panels
After The Door Panel: Removing The Dust Cover
Chevy Cobalt...
Chevy Equinox...
Chevy Suburban...
Chevy Full-Size Pickup Truck 2002-2007...
Chevy/GMC Full-Size Pickup Truck 1988-2001...
Dodge Grand Caravan 2002...
Dodge Durango: Front... Rear...
Dodge Ram Quad Cab...
Dodge Stratus...
Ford Explorer...
Ford F250...
GMC Jimmy (or Chevy Blazer, or S10, or GMC Sonoma)...
Honda Civic...
Honda CRV...
Jeep Grand Cherokee:  1993-1998, 1999-2007...
Jeep Wrangler...
Kia Sedona...
Saturn S...
Subaru Outback...
Toyota Camry...
Toyota Highlander...
Volkswagen Jetta...

Tailgate Won't Open:

Fixing A Disconnected Tailgate Latch Linkage

The repair cost less than 2 bucks, but getting there was half the fun...

Replacing van door hinge pins with grease-able pins.

Replacing Original Hinge Pins With Greasable Pins - GM Full-Size Van

Also Covers Rear Doors On Chevy Suburban, Tahoe And GMC Yukon.

The owner of this commercial van got tired of rusty external hinges, so we replaced the stock hinge pins with new pins that have a grease fitting that allows for excellent lubrication.


Fixing A Sagging Car Door:

Replacing Hinge Pins and Bushings -
General Motors

When the hinge pins or bushings wear out, the door starts to sag and eventually damages other components.


Fixing A Car Door That Won't Stay Open:

Replacing The Detent Roller And Pin

When a door won't stay open, it might be time to replace the roller mechanism in the door hinge.



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