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Replacing Head Lights And Turn Signal Bulbs On A
2004 GMC Sierra Pickup

(Covers Model Years 2002 to 2007)

In This Article:

Two L-shaped pins are removed and the wires are unplugged from the headlight housing. The turn signal housing is pulled out and the bulbs are changed.

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Skill Level: 2 (Basic)

Time Taken: About 30 Minutes

By Jim Wilk, Licensed Auto Body Technician


Removing this GMC Sierra headlamp assembly is fairly easy, but to remove the parklamp, the headlamp assembly has to come out first.

2004 GMC Sierra C/K 1500 pickup truck.


Headlight area on 2002 to 2007 GMC Sierra pickup truck.

There are two L-shaped pins that I had to remove to detach the headlamp assembly.


Using a small flat screwdriver, I pried on the lever of the inboard pin. I rotated the pin so the short part of the "L"-shape was pointing toward the front of the truck.

On a new truck, the pin could be turned and lifted by hand. But after a few years, the dirt and corrosion made these pins hard to turn, so I needed to use a tool to pry it out.

Removing headlight  L-pin on GM truck.


Turning L-shaped headlight retainer pin on GMC pickup. Then I rotated the outboard pin in the forward position.


The reason I turned these pins to the forward position is that the pins have a flat side on the vertical part. Haedlight retainer pins pointing forward, GMC truck.


Lifting headlight pin up, GMC pickup. I pulled the inboard pin straight up and out.


Then I pulled the outboard pin straight up, releasing the headlamp assembly. Lifting outboard pin to remove headlight, GMC.


Headlight retainer pins, GMC Sierra pickup truck. View of headlight mounting pins.


I then pulled the headlamp assembly out. Pulling headlight housing from truck, GMC.


Headlight assembly laying on bumper to access bulbs. I placed a towel underneath the assembly to avoid scratching the chrome on the grille. Masking tape works too.


Using a flat screwdriver end, I pried up the release tab on the electrical connector and pulled the connector out of the headlight bulb end. Removing electrical connector for headlight, GMC truck.


Removing high beam bulb and socket from housing, GMC. I turned the high beam headlight bulb a quarter-turn counter-clockwise and removed it from the assembly.


I disconnected the low beam wire connector, and turned the bulb to remove it from the headlamp assembly. Low beam bulb location, GMC pickup 2004.


Headlight assembly after removal, showing back side, GMC Sierra truck. View of back side of headlamp assembly.


View of headlamp mounting panel. Headlight mounting area on body of truck, GMC.


Removing Turn Signal And Parking Light Bulbs:

With the headlamp removed I was able to access the parklamp.

Releasing spring clip on turn signal housing, GMC pickup truck. I reached down through the headlamp area and used a flat screwdriver to push in on the spring clip of the parklamp assembly...


...while I simultaneously pulled gently on the parklamp assembly. Removing park lamp assembly, GMC truck.


Pulling marker lamp housing from truck, GMC. I pulled the end of the lamp out and unhooked it from the opposite end.


Red arrow shows the attachment hook Hook location on turn signal housing, GMC Sierra pickup.


Turn signal park lamp housing and wiring. From here I was able to access the park lamp and turn signal bulbs.


To remove the side marker bulb, I turned its socket counter-clockwise.

Then I pulled the bulb straight out of the socket.

This is a number 94 clear bulb.

Removing marker lamp on 2004 GMC pickup.


Turn signal bulb locations, GMC pickup. To remove the turn signal sockets I pressed in on the side lock tab and turned the socket counter-clockwise.


View of backside of parklamp assembly. Turn signal or park lamp assembly, back view.


Park lamp area on truck. View of parklamp mounting area.

The left red arrow points to the spot that the light assembly hooks onto. The right arrow points to the area where the "L"-shaped pin secures the plastic light housing.


More Info:

Tools Used:

  • Small Flat Screwdriver

Materials Used:

  • High Beam Bulb
  • Low Beam Bulb
  • Park Lamp Bulb #94 Clear

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