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Replacing headlight bulbs on a 2005 Volvo XC90.

Replacing Head Lights On A
2005 Volvo XC90

(Covers Model Years 2003 to 2009)

In This Article:

The headlight assembly is removed by pulling out two slide clips. Wires are disconnected and access covers are removed to reach the light bulbs.

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Skill Level: 2-3 (Basic to Intermediate)

Time Taken: About 15 Minutes

By Jim Wilk, Licensed Auto Body Technician


The 2005 Volvo XC90 headlamp removal was simpler then the tail light removal.

Headlight area of 05 Volvo XC90.


Headlight assembly is secured by two L-shaped metal brackets.

These two slide clips were removed.


View of back side of slide clips (red arrows).

Notice how they are held in at the top and bottom.

Back view of "L"-shaped metal slide clips.


Lifting slide clip up to remove. I pulled the inboard clip straight up and out...


...then the outboard clip up and out.

Tip: If these slide clips are difficult to remove, a pair of channel-lock pliers work well to pry on the "L"-shape at the top.

Lifting outboard slide clip to remove.


Headlight slide clips are different lengths. Note how these two clips are not the same length.

The inboard clip is the shorter one and the outboard is longer.


I pulled the headlight assembly out of the housing mounting area, being extra careful to avoid scratching the paint on the bumper cover. Removing headlight assembly from car, Volvo XC90.


Back of headlight assembly, Volvo. There was enough extra electrical wire to place the headlight housing on the upper radiator panel.


I decided to disconnect the wire harness and place the headlamp assembly on the work bench, to avoid dropping and damaging it.

Using a small flat screwdriver I pried up the red lock clip on the top of the wire connector (red arrow).

Disconnecting headlight wiring, Volvo XC90.


Electrical connector, Volvo. Then I pulled the electrical harness apart.


I placed a towel on the bench to avoid scratching the clear lens.

The red arrows show the three small bulbs at the bottom of the headlight assembly. To remove these, I just twisted counter clock-wise.

Locations of 3 small light bulbs on headlight assembly, Volvo.


Access cover for low beam head light bulb, Volvo XC90 The headlight cover (red arrow) had markings showing how to open and close it.

To gain access to the headlamp bulb, I turned the cover and removed it.


View of headlamp bulb that I found behind the cover.

To remove the electrical connector, I pried slightly on the end tabs (red arrow) using a small screwdriver. Then I pulled the connector apart.

Low beam head light bulb in assembly, Volvo XC90. 


Headlight assembly with low beam bulb. To remove the bulb, I turned it counter-clockwise slightly and pulled it out.


For the low beam, I used a replacement bulb number DP1255H11 from my local NAPA auto parts store.


High Beam:

There was a rubber cap covering the high beam bulb.

Removing access cover for high beam, Volvo XC90.


High beam bulb with wiring. View of high beam bulb area.

American aftermarket light bulb suppliers sell a replacement bulb numbered BP1265H9


Then I unplugged the wire connector on the bulb (red arrow).

I used the small screwdriver to push the spring retainer end (green arrow) down and over.

Volvo XC90 high beam.


Headlight area on Volvo XC90. View of high beam area with bulb removed.


More Info:

Tools Used:

  • Basic Mechanic's Tools
  • Channel Lock Pliers 
  • Small Flat Screwdriver:

Materials Used:

  • Low Beam Bulb: DP1255H11
  • High Beam Bulb: BP1265H9

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Written October 22, 2009