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Removing A Front Door Panel
On A 2000 Dodge Durango

Gaining Access To Repair Power Windows,
Door Locks, Stereo Speakers and More.

(Covers Model Years 1998 to 2003)

In This Article:

Various screws are removed and then the door panel is pried away. Electrical connectors are disconnected to separate the panel from the door.

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Skill Level: 2-3 (Basic to Intermediate)

Time Taken: About 15 Minutes

By Bruce W. Maki, Editor


The front door doesn't have the upper trim piece found on the rear doors.


Jim pulled on the door handle and removed the screw underneath.


He removed the screw at the upper front corner of the door panel, next to the mirror.


There was another screw below and behind the armrest.


Finally, Jim removed two screws at the bottom of the door panel.


Then Jim lifted up on the door panel to separate it from the steel door structure. This is probably the least obvious part for most of us non-mechanics.

But... the door panel is still connected in several ways.

To completely remove the door panel, Jim used a small flat screwdriver to release the electrical connectors inside the door.


This car had several electrical connectors inside the door.


This linkage connects the interior door handle to the latch mechanism at the rear edge of the door.

The black plastic clip can be rotated to release the connecting rod.


This large electrical connector serves a panel of switches for the power windows and door locks.


The back side of the Dodge Durango front driver's side door panel.


Details: Door handle and window/lock switch unit.


Details: Mirror control and front speaker.


The plastic dust sheet can be peeled away to gain access to the inside of the door.


More Info:

Tools Used:

  • Basic Mechanic's Tools
  • Phillips Screwdriver

Materials Used:

  • None

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Written May 16, 2007