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Removing Door Panels On A
1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Gaining Access To Repair Power Windows,
Door Locks, Stereo Speakers and More.

(Covers Model Years 1993 to 1998)

In This Article:

Various screws are removed and then the door panel is pried away. Electrical connectors are disconnected to separate the panel from the door.

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Skill Level: 2-3 (Basic to Intermediate)

Time Taken: About 15 Minutes

By Bruce W. Maki, Editor


The red arrows point to the locations of the 4 Phillips head screws that hold the plastic door panel to the metal door shell.


There was a screw on the upper front area.


There was a screw below the armrest.


Closer view of fastener behind door release lever.

Jim had to remove the plastic cover to expose the screw head.


Then the screw could be removed.


There was another screw just above the speaker.


Once all the screws were removed, Jim slipped a putty knife between the door panel and the door shell. He used a prying action to pull the plastic clips away from the door shell.


With all the clips detached from the door, Jim lifted the door panel upwards a couple of inches.


With the panel separated from the door, Jim disconnected the wires for the power mirror.

Sometimes it's necessary to use a small flat screwdriver to release the electrical connector.


Then Jim removed the larger electrical connector that serves the power window and door lock console.


At this point the door panel was completely separated from the car.


A view of the back side of the front door panel.

The small white dots are the plastic clips that hold the panel to the door.


Back Door:

There were only 2 screws securing the back door panel... one below the armrest and one behind the door release lever.


Jim pried off the plastic cap and removed the lower screw.


Then he pried off this plastic cover and removed the screw behind the door release lever.


Jim used a putty knife to separate the plastic clips.


He unplugged the wire that controls the power window.


Then the door panel was completely disconnected from the metal door shell.

Note the white dots... they are the plastic clips that connect the door panel to the door.


More Info:

Tools Used:

  • Putty Knife

  • Small Flat Screwdriver

  • Phillips Screwdriver

Materials Used:

  • None

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