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No Carmaker Is Perfect,
But Japanese Automakers Escape
Media Scrutiny

Editor's Note: We received this email and pictures from a friend at Ford Motor Co., who had received it from an engineering colleague at General Motors.
Want to know what happens when you build your truck too light?

At GM they call it "bed gate parallelogramming" due to excessive flex causing the tailgate to be crushed at the corners by the bed sides. You see this on some older rusted bed 1970's GM and Ford trucks after the frame has rotted in critical structure areas and the bed starts to flop. That obviously isn't the case with the Tundra, which is just too light, too flexy and too cheap to do real work. This could be caused by rough roads, towing etc...aka normal work-type stuff. The other trucks have had ATVs and Golf Carts loaded into them (the white one). Golf carts are not so heavy that one axle should pretzel a tailgate. Actually you should be able to load it and haul it on the gate properly secured...not with a Toyota.

A petition has been launched. I find it telling that one of these people says that the Tundra owners manual actually warns owners not to drive with the gate down. In spite of this fact, Toyota sells bed extenders at its dealers for this truck. Toyota clearly knows something that they aren't telling the owners...who have found out by losing their tailgates while going down the road, having them crack with less than 200 lbs on them and getting crunched at the corners due to excessive bed flex. Every single truck will need to be recalled to have new redesigned gates installed. Toyota has blown it with this truck, it will destroy their gleaming image of build-quality within a year.


This must be the "bed gate parallelogramming" mentioned in the e-mail.
(To make a better comparison to the first picture, we rotated this picture 90 degrees counterclockwise.)

This appears to be the damaged corner of the tailgate shown above.

You can see the paint peeling where the two layers of metal are separating.

For comparison, this is a normal Tundra tailgate.
This picture is mind-blowing!

The sheet metal is peeling apart.

Mighty Toyota... Beat up by a mere golf cart!


Tailgate Up:

What A Mess! Who designed this thing?

Here's an idea... Put some STEEL inside that tailgate.

More pictures and owner accounts:




Owner comments with the petition signatures:



Another problem is transmission shudder...followed by transmission failure. Bummer.



They were also kicked off the Consumer Reports "Recommended" list.




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Posted November 15, 2007
Revised December 10, 2008