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Removing Door Panels

The Most Dependable Car Brand Is... Porsche

According to latest J.D. Powers survey, 7 out of the top 10 most reliable vehicles are from GM or Ford. Read more about the survey on


Runaway Toyotas:
Are Loose Floor Mats The Real Culprit?

Several people have been killed in accidents where a late-model Toyota has gone full-throttle without warning. Toyota Motor Company blames the problem on loose rubber floor mats pushing on the gas pedal, and they've recalled millions of vehicles. But ABC News reports that several cars with no floor mats have experienced runaway acceleration. What's really the problem? Watch the ABC News segment on runaway Toyotas...

Toyota Tundra Tailgate Troubles

Why does it take an engineer from General Motors to illuminate a serious quality problem with "legendary" Toyota?

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The Truth About Cash For Clunkers:

"The Department of Transportation makes it look like consumers all wanted small fuel-efficient cars, particularly from the import brands. But an analysis by tells a very different story..."


Henry Ford's Wild Snow Ride:

Back in 1929, Henry Ford had an idea for a unique snow-going vehicle.

Watch the video


An Interesting Idea In The Boating World...

A conventional boat is modified into a tri-hull design that rides on a cushion of air to create an ultra-smooth ride on the waves.

Source: Drummond Island Mold and Engineering


True Blue:

What Will You Be Driving When Congress Has
Their Way?

See The Latest Car Model From Congressional Motors,
The 2012 Pelosi GTxi SS/RT Sport Edition is presented by and

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